The Greenspace, the name of the lot just east of the Cafe’s building, has always been a place that groups have come together to organize and celebrate; to share skills, meals, information and resources. The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need for this beautiful, slightly private outdoor space to remain a safe, accessible place for anyone who needs it. Feel free to stop by, or to ask about reserving the space, email

Some of the best uses of the Greenspace include large meetings, sharing meals, music events, fundraisers, art events, and skill-shares. We’re proud to have hosted incredible groups such as Minnesota Uprising Arrestee Support, The People’s Library Print Collective, Southside Harm Reduction, and many more. Many afternoons after the Free Store, neighbors would come to cook and share cultural foods and conversation. Our own collective has put on saucy dance nights, free art classes, corn roasting, apple picking, performance events, and of course, collective meetings.