2129 E Franklin Ave, 55404
(612) 332-1011
Collectively owned since 1974

Mother Goose's Bedtime Stories

is a variety show with a theatrical flair as a platform for the empowerment of POC, LGBTQI/GSM and womxn.



MGBS is a collaborative project.


Artists and crafts people of all trades come together for each Mother Goose. We have guest artists draw up the event flyers, and handbills. Guest set designers help with styling the space for the show's theme for the month. Musicians are invited to create a theme, intermission and outro song for the show each month. A videographer is brought in to record the show. MGBS invites artists in the community to sell their wares during the show, at Mother Goose's oddities and rarities stand.
Last but not least, every month, someone new is brought in as an extra or host of MGBS. After all, anyone can be Mother Goose.




Mother Goose's Bedtime Stories Presents:

The Garden of Celestial Dreams



Mother Goose's Bedtime Stories Presents:

El Palacio de los Muertos



Mother Goose's Bedtime Stories Presents:

Cirque du so Goose