COFFEE we serve organic, fairly traded coffee. we offer a choice between a light and a dark roast, and our coffee has free in house refills. you can also get any drink to go!
TEA each day we serve a different black and an herbal tea with free refills. You can also choose from a large variety of herbal, green and black teas by the cup!

Cold Process Coffee (CP) sold by the shot, iced or hot

The V.C.C.P. (Vanilla Cream Cold Process) iced CP, vanilla soy milk, and pure maple syrup

CP Latte a double shot of CP with steamed milk

HOT DRINKS all drinks can be made with soy, rice, or almond milk for no additional charge
Hot Chocolate your choice of milk and our homemade chocolate syrup

Tea Latte steamed milk with your choice of tea

Home Brewed Chai served hot or iced

Hot Spiced Cider hot organic apple cider spiced with cardamom, cinnamon stick, clove, nutmeg & ginger

ESPRESSO we serve organic, fair-trade espresso. espresso drinks are made with your choice of organic dairy, soy, or rice milk.
Latte espresso & steamed milk

Cappuccino espresso, steamed milk & froth

Americano espresso & hot water

Au Lait brewed coffee & steamed milk

Spiced Miel espresso, steamed milk, honey, magical spices & whipped cream

Mocha espresso, steamed milk & sweet chocolate

Mint Mocha mocha with peppermint extract

Shot in the Dark brewed coffee & espresso



We serve bottled root-beer, Ginger Brew, La Croix sparkling water & Blue Sky soda

Organic Milk organic dairy, soy or rice milk

Organic Juice orange, apple, grape, cranberry, or lemonade

Very Veggie tomato & vegetable juice blend

Shakes vanilla, chocolate or cold process coffee. dairy or non-dairy.

Root Beer Float natural root beer with a scoop of organic dairy, soy, or rice ice cream

Smoothies frozen bananas, blueberries & blackberries blended with your choice of milk or juice.

Ice Tea both herbal and caffine available during the warmer months of the year