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Artist of the Month

SEPTEMBER: Roman Feldhahn

I am a painter and a draftsman. I am drawn to tactility in every form of making and prefer to work and manipulate media with a painterly hand wherever possible. The physicality of creating dimensional artwork by combining and layering resources is fundamental to my practice. Attracted to rhythmic and largely nonrepresentational compositions, I challenge myself to incorporate abstract elements through arrangements of emotive color and texture that embody a reflected image of the self. This notion is referring to my identity, and myself, as I am largely interested in how dysphoria abstracts one’s perception of the body.
Responding to the interaction of materials during the development of a piece lends space to my experimental objectives. Inspiration is drawn from the likes of Canadian performance artist Heather Cassils as I savor the uncertainty that exists in spaces where gender becomes more of a question than a statement. As I continue to push the boundaries of my personal techniques and imperfections, I examine the application of materials in ways that are simultaneously informed and investigational. My current work is an example of the research behind these formal and conceptual potentials. I have created a piece or series for each monumental transformation I have undergone in the last year both physically and mentally. Recent paintings mark both the beginning of undergoing hormone replacement therapy and reflections on the process of recovery from substance abuse. Continuing along this path, I aim to create work that highlights trans bodies and the laborious process of reshaping and rehabilitating identity.




The Seward Cafe hosts monthly visual art shows by artists from our community and beyond. To book an art show at the Seward Cafe, contact our curators at sewardcafeart@gmail.com.


We encourage artists to hang group shows, themed shows, as well as personal shows. Our walls can accommodate large and small scale work in most 2-Dimensional forms.