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Artist of the Month

JULY: Rosemary McBride

Rosemary McBride is an interdisciplinary artist and domestic worker born and raised in the Twin Cities. Her work is part of a broader desire for gnosis and centers the idea that belief is a tool. In her present work, using mundane material becomes a part of bringing everyday life and practices into spiritual context. Weaving became an important media for her due to its ability to provide dense cross-cultural insight to the inseparable histories of gender and labor. Additionally her interest in weaving stems from its connection to the history of programming linguistics and therefore its ability to encode information and meaning into efficient and beautiful forms. She also works in multiple 2D mediums, video, music, and poetry and a broad sampling of her past work can be found at rsmrymcb.tumblr.com.


All of the weaving displayed this July at the Seward Cafe is made from recycled clothing, contributed by Virginia McBride, Ben Heyer, Aren Aizura and Emmett Ramstad, the Welden/Holte family, and the artist herself. For enquiries about purchasing work from Rosemary, please email her at rsmrymcbp@gmail.com.


The Seward Cafe hosts monthly visual art shows by artists from our community and beyond. To book an art show at the Seward Cafe, contact our curators at sewardcafeart@gmail.com.


We encourage artists to hang group shows, themed shows, as well as personal shows. Our walls can accommodate large and small scale work in most 2-Dimensional forms.